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I love the web. I love blogging. I love trying out new services. I love all these things so much, in fact, that I tend to try everything and jump around from site to site and service to service so often that it can be hard to keep track of everything I get involved with.

In order to give people some idea of where I go and what I do, I have put together this, rather lengthy, guide.

I’ve written it in an upside down pyramid form, so that the primary sites I use are listed here at the top, followed by secondary, then tertiary, then defunct. If you are only interested in the places I update most often, please feel free to stop reading after the primary section. If you really want all the nuts and bolts, read all the way down to see which services I can’t be bothered with anymore.

I have tried to include a brief description for anyone who is not familiar with each of the sites or services I list, as well as what I use the service for. There are also links to my user profile and my individual RSS feed.

(RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is what one needs to read sites via a feed reader like Google Reader or Bloglines.)

At any rate, thank you for reading this far. For that matter, thanks for visiting this site and for taking an interest in my various interwebtube doings.



Primary Sites – Blogs and Updates
Smiley at Vox

Vox is a blogging service that I signed up for last summer and one that I enjoy immensely. There is a strong focus on quick, diary like entries, if your diary let you add music videos or mp3 tracks to it. The service boasts a strong community centered around each users neighborhood as well as a Question of the Day, which is just what it sounds like, and the Vox Hunt, which is more media-centric.

I post here at least once or twice a week, even if it’s just a quick answer to the QotD or a video link for the Vox Hunt. Occasionally I post more in depth postings on whatever political or topical issues catch my interest.

Smiley Toad on Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging service, wherein each post is limited to 140 characters. Many people use it to post links, random thoughts, or updates as to where they are or what they are doing.

I generally post once or twice a day, usually with a random thought style of post.

Secondary Sites – Essays, Images, Bookmarks and RSS Feeds
The Mighty Toad at Left From Seattle

If you’re reading this page, I am going to assume that you have found Left From Seattle, which is my WordPress hosted blog. This blog was very active for a few years but, as I grew tired of the more introspective, navel-gazing posts, the blog kinda went dark. I hope to revive it in the next few months, so please stay tuned.

SunToad on 43 Things, 43 Places, and 43 People

The 43 Network is full of cool sites and people dedicated to making lists and then posting essays about various items on their lists. I post essays to 43 Things and 43 Places a few times a year, mainly when I have accomplished something, been somewhere, or have plans to do something or go somewhere.

Painted Toad on Blogger

This is my paint blog. I am an amateur painter and I like to post my splashings here. I usually include a brief write-up detailing the thoughts behind the painting as well as any notes on the materials used that I may have.

Toad on Flickr

Flickr is a great photo hosting site made even better by innovative use of tags and grouping technologies for easy search and organization.

I’ve been using this service for years and any new photos I have to share will end up on my account sooner or later.

Smiley on Wordie and Smiley on Goodreads.
RSS for Wordie, RSS for Goodreads

Goodreads is, simply, a place to catalogue and briefly rate the books you have read. It’s very simple and easy to use, although advanced features are available for those who want to take the time.

Wordie advertises themselves as being “like Flickr, but without the photos”. It’s a pretty good description. Wordie allows you to find and catalog your favorite words in any kind of list you choose. For language geeks, it can be a pretty fun place to hang out.

The Mighty Toad on Del.icio.us and Smiley at Diigo
RSS for Del.icio.us
RSS for Diigo

Deli.cio.us and Diigo are both examples of social bookmarking services. These services exist to serve as an easy way to let people follow what I deem interesting enough to bookmark from the web.

I update Diigo whenever I have something I want to be able to remember without the need to clutter up my local (hard drive based) bookmarks. For me, these may be news stories, links to artists’ blogs or galleries, or just interesting sites. I post my links to Diigo, which automatically re-posts to Del.icio.us via RSS.

Smiley’s Online Emporium

Tumblr is an aggregation service, or a tumble log. In other words, this blog exists only to pull in all the other content I have on the web and serve it out in one nice, neat package. There are, rarely, individual posts unique to tumblr, but these are usually in the nature of a random video link or service announcement that is re-posted across all my blogs.

I recommend grabbing this feed if you want to keep an eye on my doings without having to surf all over the web to find me.

Smiley on Jaiku and Pownce
RSS for Jaiku
Jaiku and Pownce are also micro-blogging platforms; they are similar to Twitter. I use them sparingly. Jaiku is where I practice Japanese and Pownce is what I like to use to send files to other people.

The only other note is that Jaiku collects a lot of my other RSS feeds, primarily micro-blog posts and bookmark posts from several services. If you are interested in following me across all the social bookmarking and micro-blogging services, this is the feed to get.

Joel’s Shared Reader Items

I use Google Reader to read all the news that I care about. This is just a nice feed provided by Google to let anyone who cares see what I come across that I think is worth sharing.

Tertiary Sites – Recommendations and Fun Stuff
Jones on eMusic

eMusic is one of those services I didn’t know I needed until I had it and now I don’t think I could live without it. eMusic is an online, DRM-free, mp3 store.

Their selection is not as good as it will be, at least not for major labels, but the punk and independent labels have grabbed on with both hands, making eMusic a fantastic source for new, underground music.

Listening List

PodioBooks is a great service that I highly recommend for lovers of audio books. Books are uploaded and read, for the most part, by the authors. The site is easy to use and all the books are free. The site asks for donations if you enjoy the book; 75% of donations goes to the authors.


Lumosity is a brain training program. I play once every other day or so and have seen my scores go up quite a bit. More importantly, even if it is just psychological, I feel like my memory is improving and that my math skills are increasing.

SmileyToad at Last.fm
Last.fm is radio. On the internet. Follow my station and listen to the bands I enjoy. Because you know you want to.

SmileyToad on Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon is another social bookmarking service, only with a random link generator thrown in. Click the Stumble button and see where you end up. If I like a site, I give it a thumbs up and it’s added to my feed. Enjoy.

Sword of Damocles
Lazy Moon
91 Days

Some things I’ve made. Feel free to buy them and give me some money.


I no longer use these services, although I may try again in the future. Nothing against these services, it’s just that they don’t fit my online lifestyle right now.

Well Read Toad’s Reger Datablog
The Mighty Toad’s Livejournal
Toad on Stylehive
SmileyToad’s Netscape Items
SmileyToad’s Digg