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Flash Post 3

Casino Royale = good movie, great Bond movie.  Very close to original story with only details changed to bring it up to date.  Fun and entertaining.  Recommended.

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Cylons to the Left of Me…

Took a break from both writing and studying this evening to catch up on Battlestar Galactica.  Man that show is good.  Seriously good.   I mean, wow.  And when the guy was gonna do that thing?  Man.  I don’t even know why you’re still reading this.  Go watch BSG and leave me alone to write.

Word Count – 8,000

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More Classics

Picked up Shane and Fort Apache today.

I’m really looking forward to making M watch these, as she is really fond of yelling “Shane, come back!” whenever I’m leaving to go meet my friends.  Which is really annoying.  Especially as she’s never seen the film.


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I came home and found my wife watching Casablanca today.

It may not sound like much, but it made me pretty happy. I’ve been picking up a lot of the classics recently, as a company here in Japan has been producing good quality DVDs of a lot of the old black and whites for about ¥500 a pop. So far, I have been able to get Casablanca, Shane, The Big Sleep, Roman Holiday, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and a few others. And there are more that I’m looking to get.

But my wife, well, she didn’t grow up watching old movies on the tv with her dad. I did. She didn’t take film studies and film history courses in university, but I did. She hasn’t spent time in bars debating the quality of pre-1960 cinema vs. modern Hollywood. Yeah, I have. She doesn’t sit around speaking lines from Casablanca as the characters on the screen say them. Yes, I do.

The point being that she hasn’t really understood why I have been so excited to get these movies. Frankly, I hadn’t really expected her to. But, the fact that she’s trying; that she is watching the movies on her own, trying to enjoy them for what they are, and not just because I’m obsessed with them…well, like I said, it makes me pretty happy.

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Vacation Time

Finally.  M and I are going to get a real vacation.  As in, we won’t know anyone else in the location we’re going.  It’ll be just us.  With nothing to do but lay on the beach and imitate lobsters.  Including the claw-gestures.  And probably some shopping.

Naturally, a typhoon is in the area.

But, for tonight, now that we’re packed and waiting, we’re going to watch Roman Holiday on DVD.


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For those fans of Flash animations out there, I came across a while back and fell in like. I do not know much about the series and have not taken much time for research beyond watching the seven episodes available, but I am looking forward to the next one, I can tell you that.

The story so far centers around a young girl who wakes up in a cemetary. She is immediately beset upon by nasty zombies. Who should come to her rescue? Another zombie. An intelligent zombie. The story gets weirder from there. The animation is well done and not gruesome or gory at all (which could be a plus or minus depending on your tastes, I guess) but it serves the story well and is very easy (read entertaining) to watch.

(I wanted to include a screengrab but I am not sure if that is kosher, especially without the website’s permission, so, if you want to see what it looks like, you’ll just have to surf over.)

The artwork is done in a very modern, vectorized style, like the Powerpuff Girls or Samurai Jack or dozens of other animated shows done in the past ten years. The blood and guts are kept to a minimum but they are there, and there is a lot of violence shown on the screen. For all that, it is a cartoon violence and meant to be more grin-inducing than frightening.

Anyway, just something I came across recently that I thought I’d share.

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Lights, Camera, Inaction

Drinking until 3 a.m. apparently leads to hangovers. 

While this may not be a surprise to those of you readers who are, no doubt, smarter than I, it does seem to be a fact that I am unable to remember until it is far too late.

But this post is not about booze.  This post is about movies and how the ferocity of my current hangover has forced me onto my couch from where I can do little but surt over to and watch the latest movie trailers.

One of the frustrations for me, living here in Japan, is the lack of access to good movies on an affordable basis.  And, for the purposes of this post, I am defining movies as theatrical releases, not DVD or other, ahem, methods of acquisition.

A typical movie ticket here is ¥1,800, which translates to about $16 U.S., depending on the day.  So, for M and myself to go see a movie, we have to spend ¥3,600 for tickets.  By the time you add in a large bucket of popcorn (shut up) and drinks for each of us, we pay close to $50 U.S. for a single trip to the theater.  There are some work-arounds, of course.  We can go on Monday, when men can buy tickets for a mere ¥1,000, or on Wednesdays, when women can do the same.  The best deal is on Thursdays, couples’ night, which is only ¥1,000 per person.

Added to the cost is the fact that the nicest (most plush, biggest screens) theater is an hour drive from where we live; many Hollywood productions do not come to Japan until they have been thoroughly spoiled on the internet; there are no matinee prices; there is no cheap theater.

Of all of these issues, it is the last that really gets to me.  Back in the day, I used to love going to the cheap theater.  I didn’t care about the old seats or sticky floors, as long as I was able to sit in front of the big screen, with decent sound, and see a movie for three bucks.  I prided myself on being able to take a Sunday, and, between the matinee showings and the cheap theater, and plenty of walking, get into two or three movies for under $15.  Sneak a coke and some M&Ms in under your coat and you can drop that down to $10.

But anyway.  I have been sitting here watching a lot of movie trailers for moviest that I would have rushed to see in the theater at one point and now just relax and wait for the DVD and think that I really wish I could afford the time and money to see them all on the big screen.

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