Pocket Cocktails

Back in university, my roommates and I had a poster on the wall that gave the recipes for a few dozen different shooters. 44 Shooters or something like that. Dan’s favorite was one called Nutty Irishman. Anyway, in college, we made most of these things, as well as a lot of conventional cocktails and a few that we made up ourselves.

(The snowball: Five parts milk, four parts vanilla ice cream, three parts vodka, two parts Kahlua, one part flavoring agent of choice [Frangelica and Bailey’s Irish Cream were popular] and ice. Blend everything except the flavoring agent, pour into frosted glasses, top with the flavoring agent. Serves five.)

These days I tend to stick to beer; maybe I’ll have the occasional scotch for a nightcap.

And then, sometimes, I just really want a cocktail. Enter Robert Maran and Deidra Jones’ Pocket Cocktails for the iPhone. The app is a little pricey at $5, but I got it for a sale price of $.99 and for that, it is beautiful.

Immediately after loading, the user is presented with an attractive, retro styled menu pages featuring options for Martinis, Classics, Summer (which I presume will change as the seasons progress, but maybe not), Wine and Beer, Creamy, Shooters, Warmers, and Mocktails, along with a row of buttons along the bottom for a random cocktail and the (surprisingly useful, but basic) sommelier.

Once inside, the options are presented in an easy list that makes good use of the iPhone’s touchscreen by letting users scroll through alphabetically. Tap on a cocktail and a picture of the cocktail comes up with options for just the picture, the recipe, or the ingredients necessary. Each cocktail also has the option to save it to a favorites menu.

One of my favorite features is the random button, which brings up a friendly red screen and the instructions “shake for a cocktail.” Which it does if you do.

But the real test of the application was getting it out into the store. I got vodka, checked the app, and bought the other necessary ingredients for a Bloody Mary. As I said before, I don’t know if I would have paid $5 for the app. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have. But for a dollar, or even two, this is a fun app to have in your pocket.


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