Yesterday, I wrote about Pandora, and how they got screwed by the RIAA.  Today, I'm writing about t.v. and how the networks are screwing themselves.

Earlier this week, news came down the pipe that Hulu would no longer be available via Boxee, a free t.v. tuning setup available for many different varieties of computers including X-boxes and Linux machines.  The reasons and excuses given are varied, but it boils down to money.  The content providers are afraid that they'll be denied some revenue if users skip the Hulu website to get the content via other platforms.  As the commentary has said, the only winner here is Bit Torrent.
Not that it mattered to me because, even though I'm an American, I haven't been able to watch Hulu because my IP address is in Japan.  So, as I said yesterday, which is easier, spoofing an IP address or just going to a different service?
Just another example of how the irrational fear of piracy is making more law-breakers than it is preventing law-breaking.

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