Pandora Radio

A couple of years ago I discovered a fantastic music service called "Pandora."  Pandora is an internet radio station, but with a twist.  It uses proprietary algorithms and a simple voting system to determine what songs to play next.  For example, I made a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers station.  By marking some tracks as well liked and others as not so loved, Pandora gave me songs by Wilco, The Flaming Lips, and Johnny Cash among others.

Unfortunately, right about the time the service was becoming indispensable to me, the RIAA came along and took the makers of Pandora to court.  The result being a new license which allowed Pandora to keep operating but restricting their operation to the U.S. only.
This isn't Pandora's fault.  No, the blame for this lies solely at the feet of the greedy corporate bastards so scared of piracy that they turn willing customers into default bad guys.  Because customers who want their music will take the easiest path.  And which is easier, spoofing an IP address to log into Pandora everytime I want to listen to music or just downloading songs via torrent software?
I'm looking forward to the day Pandora comes back, internationally, in all it's glory.

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