The Complete New Yorker

One of the cooler things I've seen in recent years is the old media companies using modern, digital technologies to make their archives accessible to everyone.

One example of this is The New Yorker, which made their entire 83 year history available in two different digital formats:  A collection of DVDs and an external hard drive.
The DVD collection is currently on sale for about $20 on their website, which is just…cool.
At the same time, the archive is more or less irrelevant for subscribers to the magazine as they have also put the archive online.  Subscribers can read the current issue as well as any and all back issues just by logging into the New Yorker Online.
My thoughts on this are not too well formed, but I can say that I really like the idea of having an offline version of every issue of the magazine; I would love to see a few of my other favorite magazines, like Esquire and National Geographic provide services like this.  Rolling Stone and Mad Magazine have also made digital archives available.
DVDs are slow, clumsy, and loud compared to hard drives or online versions, but, for only $20 it's hard to not be tempted by this.
Hmm.  Where's my credit card?

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