Ray Gun Pen

I love good pens.

The trouble is, good is a very relative concept.  Especially when it comes to something as individual as a writing tool. Anyone who picks up a pen or pencil is going to use it slightly differently.  The shape of our hands, the way we hold the instrument, the motions we make as we write down our darkest secrets and wittiest puns are all unique to ourselves.
Which means that what is good for me may not be good for you and vice versa.
So.  For me, good means that the pen should have a smooth barrel so that it doesn't irritate me as it rests between my thumb and index finger.  Good means that the ink should be in cartridges and come out of a nib (as opposed to a ball point) so that it is darker or lighter depending on how firmly I press into the paper.  And good means that it should have some style to it.
Then again, style is just as subjective as good.
All of which is a long preface to saying that this looks like a good pen.  Given that I have no idea how it would write or if I would even enjoy holding it, it does have quite a lot of style.
Designed by Ben Hall for ACME, the Ray Gun captures the era of classic science fiction perfectly.  It is something I want to have on my desk, more as a conversation piece than as a writing tool, but something I would write with from time to time.  Unfortunately, the price tag puts it beyond reach of mere wishlist items and into the realm of when-I'm-really-really-rich but, still, I want one.

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