My dad is one of those guys who are just impossible to shop for.  Which is problematic because he has birthdays and whatnot just like everyone else.  But occasionally, I manage to find something I think is absolutely perfect for him.  Like last week, when I gave him a titanium spork as a birthday present.

This particular gift qualifies as perfect because it is simultaneously useful and useless.  I mean, sporks are convenient, especially for frequent travelers like my dad.  But titanium?  Overkill is too subtle a word to express the reality of an eating utensil made out of a near-indestructible metal.
Dad got a kick out of it; my wife wants one of her own, and my niece thinks it's the coolest ice cream spoon ever.
Like I said, perfect.
Oh, I got it at Think Geek if anyone needs to get one for themselves.  

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2 responses to “Spork

  1. Considering how often fast food sporks break and leave little bits of plastic in your food, I think a titanium spork makes perfect sense!

  2. True enough. Although, I have to say that after thinking and writing about it, I'm holding out for a 24c gold-plated, diamond tipped Spork!

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