QotW: Piggy Bank

What have you cut back on to save money this year?

Imported, name brand foods from the U.S. and the U.K. 

I had been in the habit of running down to the foreign food stores once a month and stocking up on things like Campbell's soup or Oreo cookies or even, God help me, Spam.  They are luxuries; they are comfort foods and they are not really necessary.  In fact, most of them are actively unhealthy.  But they are nice to have around as they can be a little slice of home on bad days and an exotic touch on others.  And, also, they are insanely expensive.  What might cost $30 or $40 (total, USD) in the States might end up running closer to the equivalent of $100.  So when the budget gets tightened up, unfortunately, my snacks and exotic ingredients are the first thing to go.

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