“Troublemaker” May Just Be a Perfect Pop Song

Weezer had always had a knack for making great videos:  Buddy Holly, Keep Fishin', Pork 'n' Beans.  The band gets it.  Of course the best video in the world is only ok if the song it is supporting is less than stellar.  And Weezer gets that too.  They have built a career on simple, catchy tunes that actually become meaningful if you take a second to listen to what they say.  In other words, Weezer is a great pop-rock band.

I know this because I dig their newest single "Troublemaker" as much for the video as for the hook.  But it is when I find myself singing along, grinning because the song amuses me with its simplicity and honesty that I know it is a good pop song.  I know this because I would have loved this song when I was sixteen, and I will most likely still dig the song another sixteen years from now.

Sample lyric:  "'Cause I can't book a job, like any other slob, punchin' in and punchin' out and suckin' up to Bob, marrying a bitch, having seven kids, givin' up and growin' old and hopin' there's a God."

See what I mean?  When I was 16, that would have been the most mind-blowingly cool revelation I had ever heard, man.  And I would have had to, like, be just like that.  Nowadays, it amuses me both to remember me at 16 and to think how much I still like that lyric; how much it still rings true for so many of my peers.  And I can guess that when I'm in nearing 50, I'll be hoping, and chuckling more fervantly than ever.

And maybe this post will have let me live down the shame of yesterday's.


Weezer "Troublemaker"

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