Where’s my sticker?

I voted today.

I voted via absentee ballot; I voted as an Arizona citizen.  I voted for Obama.  I voted a straight Democratic ticket for the first time.

I voted against a proposed Arizona State proposition to make an amendment to the Arizona State constitution to re-define marriage as being between one man and one woman.  I voted for a proposition to reform the laws regarding the hiring of illegal workers for cash only labor.  I voted "no" on the majority of propositions, some because I disagreed (marriage is between two people regardless of gender, and to be honest, I don't actually care about how many people are in the marriage) but for the most I voted no because they did not seemed to be reasoned propostions, rather poorly thought out reactions that would only add to a legal quagmire instead of helping to abate it.

 And, I abstained from voting in for school board members as I have no children in the district.

I wish I felt better about the choices I was offered.

(One small note, I found the site ballotpedia.org to be enormously helpful.)

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