Magazine Stand: New Adventures in Publishing

One solution to the declining industry of magazine publication seems to be a variation of print-on-demand.  POD services like Lulu and Blurb have been steadily building their businesses on the internet for a couple of years now and it seems like the market has opened branches into magazine publishing.

Magcloud is an online venture that promises to take the headaches out of magazine publishing.  All one has to do is to upload a .pdf and the service takes care of everything else – printing, billing, shipping, etc.

As of this writing, I'm only aware of one magazine using the service, Fray, and they are struggling to build up subscriptions (for the record, I plan to subscribe soon).  Still, I think the idea is well worth investigating.  This could be the technology that helps 'zines return to print; this could be what helps independent magazines to stay in print that much longer.

It's an idea I'll be tracking as I want to see what other magazines come out of the service and how well those magazines fare with print vs. online readerships.  I want to see if there is still room out there for print, or if ongoing and continuing content will be relegated entirely to the web.  And I think that this is one of the ventures that will help to decide it all.

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