Magazine Stand: Everywhere

The magazine publishing business seems to be going through some hard times.  Subscriber numbers are shrinking and printing costs are remaining high.  Several high profile magazines have recently become web-only and others have folded completely.  Unfortunately, one of my favorite magazines (and one to which I have contributed) Everywhere, has suspend publication of the print edition.

This is a shame, not just to me on a personal level, but to everyone who likes innovative and forward thinking endeavors.

Everywhere is the sister publication of JPG Magazine; both magazines have a somewhat unusual format in that they are completely open to contributions from everyone.  Indeed, both magazines have very social websites which encourage users to generate and post content, which is then voted on by other users.  The voting system is very simple – users click a yes or no in response to the question of whether a photo or article fits a given theme.  Once the editors have a good selection available, they then choose the best of the images and stories for said theme, then proceed to put together the magazine.

Last month, Everywhere  that they were putting the magazine on hold because they were not where they wanted to be, finacially or circulation-wise.

As disappointed as I am, I understand the editors reasons for their decisions.  Still, there are four issues of the magazine in print and I would encourage everyone to track down and purchase these issues.  Maybe if enough of us do that, the magazine can resume publication. 

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