What Are These Shiny Things Again?

It turns out that I haven't bought a CD since 2004.  Not to say that I haven't bought music, because between iTunes and eMusic, I have bought my fair share of new tunes.  Just not on disc form.  I discovered this when I sat down to put my CD collection into the computer.

I had finally cleared out enough hard drive space for me to put my entire collection of several hundred discs into Mp3 format (no lectures on the terrible quality, or how ogm is a better format, etc. please).  So I did so.  And, in the process, I rediscovered a bunch of music.  Actually, rediscovered is not really the best word…more like "renewed my interest in" or "reminded me of how much I loved this song in 19–" or "oh my gods, I bought that?"

The funny thing was, I hadn't realized how much I had mellowed out.  I still listen to a lot of faster music – The Clash and Social Distortion and The Specials.  But I used to listen to a lot of aggressive punk and metal that I just, well, don't listen to much anymore.  A lot of Faith No More, Metallica, Misfits, Black Flag, Rollins Band, Suicidal Tendencies, in the CD collection that I had just forgotten about.  Kinda strange to realize that I don't actually care for much of it anymore.  I still like the occasional song or three, but I found it really hard to listen to whole albums of the stuff.

And this isn't meant to be a whiny "oh gods above and below, I'm getting old!" kind of post; this is more of a "huh.  I didn't realize that" sort of thing, because, really, if you had told the 16 year old me that one day I would prefer Counting Crows to Faith No More, I would have laughed at you.  Really, I would have.

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