Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

So, Mtv is planning a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  They are going to use the original script, but may include songs and music not included in the original.  No word on any casting decisions has yet been made, but, whomever decides to step into Tim Curry's thigh highs had better have balls the size of grapefruits.  I mean, would you want to try to replace this:

Sing It Brother Curry!

I didn't fucking think so.


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4 responses to “Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

  1. Observations: Whomever they get to participate in the project (actors) will claim to be fans of the original in all their interviews with the media. This will be a lie.True fan/actors are happy enough to act out the parts in front of a movie screen showing the original to a packed theatre of costumed prop-wielding/throwing fanatics. Also, as the original can still be found running at a theatre somewhere in the world on any given Friday night to an enthusiastic following; it begs why a re-make is even necessary. Way this trend is going, I should re-make GnR's Chinese Democracy BEFORE they release it originally.

  2. I didn't see the Variety piece, but the promise of possible new songs is especially disconcerting. Unless they are done by ELECTRIC SIX!FRANK N FURTER HAS GOT SOMETHING TO PUT IN YOU! IN A TIME WARP! TIME WARP! TIME WARP! WOO!YES! MAKE IT SO!

  3. You know…when they did the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a lot of the behind-the-scenes people said they had purposely not seen the original film, instead sticking to the book only, which gave us a very different movie. I think if the new crew doing Rocky has any brains at all, they'll take the same tactic: "I've heard about Rocky forever, but, you know, I just never had a chance to see it and now, I'm going to wait until after our movie is done because I don't want to bring any extra baggage into the picture, you know?"As for Chinese Democracy, with absolutely no offense intended, if anyone is going to prematurely re-make the album, I'd just as soon it was Axl. I mean, he's already made it, what, three or four times now?

  4. Now, see, that I could almost, almost get behind.

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