Back Online!


After three weeks with no internet, it is now streaming wirelessly through my house, infecting my brainwaves with all its juicy groovieness and all is well.

Now it's just a matter of sorting through all my notes and deciding if there is anything in them worth turning into a blog post or if its time to wade through the various and sundry QotD until all the boxes are unpacked and the yard has been turned from a mud pit into a lawn.

I'll be posting.

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2 responses to “Back Online!

  1. Your house came with a MUD PIT!That is just so much coolness.Just string up a volleyball net and you're set.

  2. Unfortunately, not so easy to do as it's a mud and gravel pit. Any dives would result in bruises and black eyes. Which could be good for stories, not so much for actual playing.If I ever buy the vacant lot across the street though…full on sand court.

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