Second Life, Google Earth, and my Nintendo Wii

Most of the time, the Second Life application button sits on my desktop completely untouched.  Then, occasionally, I jump in, see what's changed, maybe chat with a few people and then get back out.

And I do almost the same thing with Google Earth.

I think the reason is that I consider both of these programs entertainment, and I primarily try to keep my machine to work related software.  I try to push most of my entertainment to the t.v., where I have a DVD player and my Nintendo Wii.

Which got me to thinking – why can't I install SL and GE on my Nintendo as Wii Ware or Wii Channels?  This seems like the sort of natural match that geeks and nerds seem to love.  I'm sure there is a hack out there, or some version of Wii Linux that would let me install both, but I don't want that.  I want legitimate options on my Wii for both pieces of software.  Someone get on that.  Please?

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