Ice on the Prize

My wife and I were wandering through our local supermarket the other day, just doing the shopping when we came across a new game: The Ice Cream UFO catcher.

So, UFO Catcher is the catch-all name for claw games in Japanese arcades and game centers.  All the ones I had seen prior to this contained all the usual toys and candies and random pieces of junk.  But now we have ice cream in there.

And it's a good selection of ice cream too.  There were a few of the cheaper brands, true, but there were also several flavors of Hagen Daas single serving cups and even a few Dove ice cream sandwhiches.

All for only ¥100 per try.

Naturally, we tried.  Unfortunately, we quickly realized that we would be spending far more in trying than we would spend just by buying the ice cream from the very supermarket we were in.  Still, the idea is intriguing and I can imagine all the kids on the weekend having a really good time trying to get their little hands on as much ice cream as their (no doubt incredible) skills allow.

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