Apropos of Nothing

I spent the morning at the doctor's office being poked and prodded (I'm fine) but I'm a little worn out.  So I'm just going to post a round-up off all the things I've been finding on the web to distract myself last night and this morning.

    *  Amazing and sobering photos of the flood in Iowa

    *  An excellent TV Squad post about 12 unexpected celebrity deaths

    *  Cory Doctorow writes in the Guardian about the singularity and an over abundance of surveillance information

    *  Firefox 3 is out, download it now

    *  Fray is an interesting new magazine; now accepting contributions

    *  Magcloud takes the stress out of magazine publishing

    *  Kottke sums up the current Garfield memes

Go forth and surf y'all.

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3 responses to “Apropos of Nothing

  1. Glad you're not scheduled to slough this mortal coil imminently.

  2. And when you wrote, "I'm fine" I heard Diamond D's affected accent floating in my head, "She's so fine". Got the F-squared-Tre m'self on download day.

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