Coke & Curry

It's pretty common in Japan for companies to give out small freebies with their products.  Usually these fall into one of two categories:  toys or household accessories.

For example, Coke and Pepsi often battle it out for who can give out toys related to whatever the current big movie is.  Pepsi had Star Wars and Planet of the Apes, Coke has Disney and Pixar movies.

From the other category, my favorite brand of oolong tea (Suntory) has recently been packaging handkerchiefs with 250 ml bottles.  Before that it was small, cloth bags.  Before that, flower seeds.

This week, at the grocery store, we got a bit of a surprise – Coke is packaging boxes of Kokumaro Curry (solid cakes of curry powder and spice to be dropped into boiling water when making curry) with two liter bottles of Coke Zero.  We don't usually buy Coke Zero but with a freebie like that, well, dinner was good.

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  1. That is really neat. I'd be buying Coke Zero as well.

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