Bookmark Cleaning 1

A while back I installed a Firefox extension called "Read It Later".  The idea behind the extension is a quick trigger bookmark applet, putting longer articles and pages into a folder titled, appropriately enough "Read It Later."

The trouble is, I never got around to reading those articles.  Until now, anyway.  So, first and foremost from the list is this article from The Guardian called "The World's 50 Most Powerful Blogs."

It's an interesting list; a lot of the standard power players are represented, but what was interesting for me was how many I had not heard of.  Lest that sound too self-important, I should say that I read a lot.  I gather most of my news about the world from the web and keep about 80 to 90 assorted blogs, zines, comics, and what have you in my feed reader.

There are an equal number of sites listed of which I had heard but do not, for various reasons, read.  The list seems, at first glance, to be almost equal numbers of celebrity related gossip blogs, political reporting outside traditional media, and the etc. column.

There are only two listed in the piece that I want to start reading on a trial basis, and, admittedly, I'm interested in both as a way to practice my foreign language skills:  Microsiervos and Gigazine.

Still, the piece is worth looking over – you might find something new to read.

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