QotD: Say Cheese

What's your favorite type of cheese? Or, if you don't like cheese, why not?
Submitted by Draegon Scribe.

How could I have just one favorite kind of cheese?  You might as well ask about my favorite kind of chocolate.  Or my favorite kind of beer.  Or something else of which it is impossible to narrow all the beauty and variety of selection into a single flavor.

I mean, some days, gouda is what I need, but on a ham sandwhich, its gotta be swiss.  On a bagel, provalone.  In Italy, buffala with tomatoes and vinegar.  For a snack, a nice piece of red chedder is fantastic.  Occasionally, a toasted bagel with cream cheese is just what the doctor ordered.

I love cheese.  Any kind of cheese, so long as its served right and properly made, I'll eat it.

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