A Blessing, Some BBQ, Cricket

Temporary Shrine.jpgFor a bank holiday, today ended up being a long day if a fun one. We started this morning by having the Shinto priest come around and bless the building site, us, the chief construction worker, and our joint effort. He had my wife and myself hold a wooden pick and smack it into the ground three times, and then the carpenter dude did the same. Then we (wife, mom-in-law, me, carpenter dude, salesman dude, boss dude, priest dude) each had to lay a green leafy thing on the alter and that was that.

So that was good.

Then, after, we made it back home to rest up a bit, then Mayumi and I went out to a BBQ with a lot of friends in a park near one of the guy’s house. Two hour drive due to holiday traffic, but more food and beer than could be believed once there and we ate and drank way too much.

So that was good.

Then, when the sun was looking like it was thinking about setting soon, two of the guys endeavored to teach me how to play cricket and after swinging the bat a few times and bowling a few times, I can see where it might be a good game. Even if, like baseball, playing is much more fun that watching.

So that was good.

And now I’m going to bed. Which is good.


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