Muxtape.pngThis morning, while browsing Twitter, I noticed that both Warren Ellis and Casey McKinnon posted links to Muxtape, which I had never heard of.

Being the social media junkie that I am, I immediately dropped everything and rushed over to make a new account. Muxtape is…well, it’s got potential. A lot of potential. But it is also very much a work in progress.

Essentially, each user is asked to make a mixtape by uploading up to 12 Mp3s. That playlist is then posted under a unique URL which can be favorited by other users and which will play the songs listed when clicked. That part is unequivocably awesome.

The downside is that, other than stumbling upon random mix tapes, or being pointed directly to one, there is no real way to find any given user’s mix. There is no search and no tagging (at least, not yet) so it really is luck of the draw as to whether or not you will like the mix you choose to play. Further, the website notes that by uploading a song the user is agreeing that they have the requisite permissions to upload the song in question. And while this protects the site, it does little for the users confidence that the site is legal, especially in this litigious age.

Having said all that, the site is fun. It manages to put a little of the spark back into discovering new music. As friends create their own accounts and send out links, it re-caputres a little of that feeling we all had when a friend would hand us a new mixtape, scratchy sound, hand-written label and all. And that is always a good thing.


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