CandyBlogging: M&M’s Razzberry Chocolate

M&MsMy wife sighed in exasperation. “How much are you going to buy?” She looked pointedly at the large, plastic bag in my hand, already filled near to bursting.

“Just a little more. They have all these new flavors!” I got a second bag and started to fill it. My wife sighed again and pointed at one of the bulk containers lining the wall of the M&M store. “Well, at least get some of those. For me.”

Some of those turned out to be M&M’s Razzberry Chocolate. We had stopped inside the M&Ms World, Las Vegas, mainly to see what all the fuss was about and maybe to pick up a souvenir or three. And the store did not disappoint in that regard. There were t-shirts and pens, keychains and snowglobes. But the highlight, for both of us, was the row of bulk candy dispensers on the second floor. Each color got its own container, ranged from light to dark and back to light for the peanut M&M’s on the far right. In between the milk chocolate and peanut candies were several containers with the newer flavors – dark chocolate, almond, crunchy, and the like.

Including the raspberry candies. We filled up a quarter bag with raspberry, then added a few colors of dark chocolate for variety before tying off the sack and getting out of the store with our wallets still (mostly) intact.

Back at our hotel (the Paris Las Vegas, which was fantastic, and an excellent place to stay) we opened one back and stuck the other in a suitcase to bring back to Japan. We just happened to open the one with the raspberry ones in it.

Like all M&M’s, the raspberry ones melt in your mouth (go on, say it: not in your hand!) releasing the chocolate after the candy shell is gone. The raspberry ones are a little tart and not quite as sweet as the plain M&M’s, making them a welcome relief after scarfing a handful of green ones. The chocolate is the same commercial grade Mars Inc. has been using for decades and they have the same old candy coating, but the addition of the artificial fruit flavor is quite nice. They are, all in all, a welcome addition to the line and a nice treat. Here’s hoping Mars adds a dark chocolate orange to the line sometime soon.

As a side note: At one of the staff member’s recommendation, I also grabbed a bag of the new mint crispy chocolate M&M’s, which were unavailable in bulk. The staff guy said they tasted just like Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, and he was right.


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