Candyblogging: Chocolate Covered Cherries

We tried Turin's Chocolate Covered Cherries this weekend.  After having mixed success with the Jack Daniel's filled and the Kaluha filled, we were a little apprehensive, but decided to try them anyway.

And we were quite pleased.  The chocolates are again, good, not great, but the cherry liquor (un-named and presumably not a brand name) adds a very nice sweetness that goes down well.

At the same time, I don't know that I would recommend these as a special occasion candy.  They seem more suited to a quick, after-dinner, choco.  Maybe something to keep in a bowl on the coffee table or a dish on the kitchen counter.  But, as a special birthday or Valentine's day chocolate, they do not seem quite adequate.

And, once again, the website does not seem to be working (there is a Spanish language access denied message this time, rather than the page not found error previously encountered) so I found the photo on Gift Shop Cafe.  Enjoy.

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2 responses to “Candyblogging: Chocolate Covered Cherries

  1. If you are looking for chocolate covered cherries… you gotta try Cherry De-Lites. Deffinately Valentines Day worthy..

  2. Cheers, I'll keep that in mind for White Day.

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