Soapblogging: Classic Shaving Cream Lime and Coconut

Last summer, my wife bought me an Omega shaving brush.  I have been enjoying it immensely and had just been using a generic shaving cream purchased in the local supermarket.

But for Valentine's Day, my wife bought me a nice razor and brush stand, as well as a package of Classic Shaving Brand Lime and Coconut soap.

Fellas, it's good stuff.

Both scents are light and hard to detect after completing your shave.  However, both are still present, and reactivate whenever your face is wet, whether from washing or rain or something else entirely.

This combo is also idea for anyone who shaves in the morning as they are a pleasant eye opener and make shaving a real treat instead of a chore.

The soap lathers up easily for quick application, but comes off quite cleanly with the razor, leaving very little to muck up your shaving towel.  Similarly, it comes out of the brush with minimal effort, which will help the brush to last longer.  It also, at least so far, seems to be very nice to the blades of my razor, unlike the gels I have used in the past.

In short, guys, if you are looking for something to help make the daily shave a little more pleasant, you could do far worse than this soap.

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