Perpetual Student

It's come to me recently that, could I go back and do university again, I would do a business degree.  On the other hand, could I go back and study anything I wanted, I'd like to study linguistics.

At the moment, I study Japanese and Spanish and I dabble in Italian.  And I just signed up for an introductory, tourist level course in Russian.  I don't really have many reasons for doing so.  At least not for anything other than Japanese.  But I enjoy it, so I do it.

Everyone needs hobbies, right?

So now I'm thinking of going back for my masters.  And here's the question:  Getting my masters will not immediately benefit my family or my career.  In truth, it would probably detract from them in that I'm spending my time and money on myself only.  And, frankly, it's a lot of work.  But it just sounds…interesting.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Master's degree in which discipline: Business, linquistics, Photography, Electronic Media, other? My thoughts; Ockham's Razor, buddy, and there ain't no after-shave lotion for that. There's the cost itself to capital, then there's the opportunity cost of what else you could have done with that capital instead, then there's the time-cost factor away from family and being distracted from them even when you are there. To quote yourself back at you: (it) will not immediately benefit my family or my career. There's your answer. However, it is a truly worthwhile hobby. Meaning, fit some amateur study time with it into your life if you're in the mood, whenever you aren't busy with something else that is truly central to your life. Focus.

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