QotD: On Second Thought…

What have you changed your mind about? 
Submitted by chitoes.

It's not that there is really any one thing I can say I have done a complete flip flop on; rather, as I get older, and more concerned with real life (i.e. taxes, bills, mortgages, marriage, kids) I have begun to realize that my dad was not wrong.

When I was a teenager, I was more than a little sure that I had my dad outclassed.  Sure, he is a good businessman and a good father and a pretty good guy, but I was reading deep, thought provoking literature and could speak with (what I thought was) good authority on philosophy and religion and politics.  Turns out though, the older I get, the more experience I get to contrast with all that book learnin', my dad was not wrong.

There are things he said, advice he gave me about people and the way the world works that I think about a lot these days; things that were not in the books I valued so highly, things that were not at first obvious nor intuitive.  And now, whenever I encounter new situations, when I have to deal with people, when I struggle through being an independent, rational, and tuned-in adult, I keep thinking about what my dad would say.  Sometimes I even remember to ask him what he thinks about things, and now, I try to actually listen instead of correcting him.

Because if I had done that back in the day, some parts of my life might, possibly, have been just a little bit less of a struggle.

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