Candyblogging: Jack Daniel’s Filled Chocolates

This weekend, my wife and I decided to try a bag of Jack Daniel's Filled Chocolates.

Our local import store has just undergone a remodeling and has brought in a whole slew of new candies and chocolates to help in their re-opening, and just in time for Valentine's Day.

Yamaya (the import store) is stocking three varieties of liquor filled chocolates made by Turin of Mexico: Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Kahlua Coffee Liquor, and Bailey's Irish Cream.  We picked up a small bag of the Jack Daniel's as well as a small bag of Kahlua although we have not opened the later yet.

As I said, the candies are manufactured by Turin Chocolates of Mexico, although the website seems to be down at the moment.  ( according to the bag.)  The chocolate is good but not exceptional, and semisweet.  The liquor is allowed to fully saturate the candies, making a sweet burn in one's throat, almost as if you did a (very small) shot immediately after eating a chocolate.

I found them to be good, but an unusual combination.  And although stronger than other liquor filled chocolates I have had in the past, they had no aftertaste of liquor.  For anyone (like me) who seems to have trouble stopping after only a single piece, I had no difficulties in saying one is enough due to the strong liquor content.

We're looking forward to trying the Kahlua filled chocolates this weekend.

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2 responses to “Candyblogging: Jack Daniel’s Filled Chocolates

  1. I just tried the Baileys chocolate. The filling was okay (tasted somewhat like Baileys), but the chocolate was horrible. Like eating cocoa flavored chalk!

  2. That's disappointing. Like I said, the chocolate with the Jack Daniels was good, but not great. Then again, maybe the whiskey was just strong enough to make it seem better than it was.Thanks for commenting!

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