Vox Hunt: I’m A Loyal Customer

Show us a brand to which you're loyal.

Nintendo just seems to be a company done right.  Their products are always worth the money, and they treat their customers like people and do their best to make things a good user experience.  I am a happy owner of both a Wii and a DS and they, like the GameCube and GameBoy before them, are excellent products.

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2 responses to “Vox Hunt: I’m A Loyal Customer

  1. Dan

    I agree. Nintendo's been doing really well because they decided a long time ago what their fundamentals were and they've stuck to them.

  2. I was tempted to write Apple but they seem to be losing sight of what made them cool in the first place. If they had opened up the Apple TV to .avi and other non-Apple video codecs, they may have made this slot instead. But, Nintendo, well, they're not perfect but they come very close.

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