TED – 5 Dangerous Things

5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

Gever Tulley talks about 5 Dangerous Things parents should let their kids do.  It makes perfect sense to me, but I don't have kids.  I'm curious to see what those of you who do have kids think of this video.

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  1. He has points with which I, as a parent, am not opposed. However, there is a reluctance I acknowledge that I feel, strongly, to allow my children into activities that could result in lasting harm. For instance, I wouldn't allow them to play with a skill saw. Why not? Powertools are part of Tulley's spiel, right? Well, one minor mistake, a second of not concentrating (and children are not known for long periods of concentration) might mean the loss, permanently of a finger or hand. That minor loss of concentration as a child, while teaching them something about the world, granted, would also disallow the child from any occupation or hobby that required all fingers or hands FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. So, therein lies the reservation that I and likely most parents feel toward childhood adventures and injury. We balance the value of the learning experience against the potential loss of ability. We want our kids to be anything they want to be. We don't want a childhood mistake to dis-allow any of those options, when we, the parents should have been the adults in the room that knew better. Knowing when to allow your child to develop on their own and when to protect them from themselves is one of the paramount challenges of parenting. Leaning too far in either direction could stunt your child's potential.

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