The ponderation of the mo' is all about websites.  Particularly, the building and maintaining of.  I have been contemplating (re) building a personal site with all the bells and whistles.  I have no real motivation for doing so other than wanting to a) have a place online with my own domain (which is already registered against the day I need it) and links to all the various things I muckle about with on teh interwebs, and b) something to play with and keep (my very few and sub-par) coding skills fresh.

The thing is, I don't want to pay for it.

I have had blogs on various free agencies, most notably WordPress and Blogger and they each have their advantages.  I have had hosted blogs, although not for many, many years, and they too, had their advantages.

There are three projects I have in mind for the next year or so, all of which may or may not happen.  The first is a series of essays that I would like to post in a timely manner, but of a longer length than the usual blog postings and with more controlled navigation needed.  The second is a podcast and I'll post more about that later.  The third, and least likely to happen in the short term, is a comic I have been working on.

All three are easy enough to post up on their own, but I'm left wondering if having a single repository for all projects, aspirations, mumblings, musings, scribblings, rants, and perverse desires is worth the (possible) hosting fees or limited functionality of a "name" site.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Hosted sites are pretty cheap now. Before I discovered Vox, I had one that only cost $7/month.

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