QotD: A Life-Changing Work of Art

What work of art (film, book, record, whatever) changed your life?
Submitted by bodhibound.

My aunt gave me a copy of Illusions * when I was in Jr. High School and it profoundly changed the way I thought (and continue to think) about life and the ways in which we live it.  The book contains several life lessons presented in a gentle, friendly manner that is lets anyone identify with them and take what they need for their own life.

It remains one of my go-to books when I need answers or am struggling with things.

The second book, Einstein's Dreams*, found me when I had first come to Japan and was dealing with issues of homesickness, alienation, and purpose.  Like Illusions, it has since become one of my go-to books.  The stories within can be read in almost any sequence and contain answers one may not have known one was looking for, which is almost the definition of a life-changing work.

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