And That’s Two

Finished and verified with 90 minutes left on the clock.  Combined with my winning effort in 2004, this makes two books sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to do something with them.

One thing I realized this year, and it was a real D'oh! moment, was that it is much easier to whittle than to inflate.  I wrote from a single POV with the intention to hit 50K words from which to carve a 35K – 40K novella.

I think that is much more doable than my previous winning entry which is 60K and needs another 20K added to it, at a minimum.  (Which is probably why I have never gone back to it.  Too much work.)

Next year, I may aim for a kids' novel.  (They usually run between 30K to 40K.)

In the meantime, there's ScriptFrenzy again in June.  And hey, I think this post means I made it through NaNoBloMo as well.  Although that remains to be verified.  Maybe later.

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2 responses to “And That’s Two

  1. Excellent! I really need to do this next year. You should really be proud of yourself.

  2. Thanks. I'm always extremely proud of myself, whether I've done something worthwhile or now. 🙂

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