QotD: On Genres

Do you tend to like music in particular genres, or are your tastes all over the place?  What are your most and least favorite musical genres?

I'm not sure I have a favorite or least favorite genre anymore.  Back in the day, as a teenager, punk rock ruled and country sucked.  These days, there are things I like in every genre, just as there are things I don't care for in every genre.

Having said that, these days, I tend to gravitate towards singer / songwriters with punk rock pasts, e.g. Mike Dougherty (of Soul Coughing), Mike Ness (of Social Distortion), or Frank Black (of the Pixies) as well as the more independent rock artists like Ted Leo or Charlie Terrel.

And I still avoid country for the most part.  Although I do like a lot of the classic country like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, I just find most modern country to be to…twangy…for me.

Anyway.  It's all somewhat apropos of nothing.

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