The Sandlot

Back in college my roommates and I performed the most exacting sort of scientific experiment to determine the greatest guys' movie of all time.  We sat down in a closed room with several young men and women and watched a selection of several films.  Among them, Top Gun, Unforgiven, Tombstone, and the Sandlot.

Reactions were varied, of course, but when we compiled our data we learned one thing:  Men love this movie, women think it's cute.  Men think this movie represents everything that was best about childhood, friendship, overcoming adversity, the triumph of imagination, and baseball.  Women think it's about a bunch of boys playing baseball.

Conclusion?  The Sandlot is the greatest guys' movie of all time.

And it's finally on DVD.

My sister, who understands me, even if she doesn't always get me, sent me a copy for my birthday.  My wife, who gets me, even if she doesn't always understand me, sat down with me last night to watch the movie.

She thought it was cute; it was a nice movie about little boys and baseball.  I laughed until I couldn't breathe, and then I laughed some more, thinking about the movie, and about where I grew up and about my friends, back then and now, and the things we bond over and the idiot things we do in the name of adventure.

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