Doctor Who Rant

Actually, this isn't a rant about the show so much as it is about my purchasing options.

Here's the thing:  I love Doctor Who.  Especially these most recent series with Christopher Eccleston, then David Tenant as the Doctor.  I would really like to own them on DVD.  Furthermore, I would like to use those DVDs to introduce my wife to the Doctor.

The problem is, my wife is not a native English speaker.  She really likes to have Japanese subtitles when she sits down to watch English language programming.

Normally, this should not be a problem.  After all, we have Friends and Dharma and Greg with Japanese subtitles, surely they will be releasing Doctor Who on Japanese subtitled discs, right?

Great news, they have!  Only, well, here's where the rant comes in:  On, Doctor Who: the Complete First Series, carries a price tag of $99.98, currently discounted to $67.99.  The same series, only formatted with Japanese subtitles, is listed on at ¥20,160

At last check, ¥20,000 was equal to approximately $170.  So, now, based on the current prices on both sites, I have to pay over a hundred dollars for Japanese subtitles?  Bullshit.

As long as the price tags are going to be this disparate, I don't want to hear any bitching from the BBC that their sales in Japan have been hurt by fan subs and illegal downloads.

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