The Alternates

Here's my alternates list – things that I want to do and need to have on a list so that I will actually do them but aren't really that important, not like the things on my real list of goals.

Erm, yeah. 

  • Make an elephant out of Sculpey
  • Hack a USB drive
  • Load all my CDs into iTunes
  • Re-join the Utsunomiya Library
  • Go to the horse races in Tokyo
  • Take a photo essay
  • Participate in Post Secret
  • Participate in Post Crossing
  • Participate in Book Crossing
  • Participate in You Are Beautiful
  • Grow my own tomatoes
  • See a Cirque du Solei show in Tokyo
  • Watch “Shall We Dance” in Japanese
  • Play online Poker
  • E-mail contacts from World Con
  • Leave voice mails for my favorite podcasts
  • Finish Red Steel on the Nintendo
  • Participate in the 365 Photo Challenge

I know, not that impressive.  But, still, you know.

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