There's a good idea here somewhere, if I can just get it out…

Owls are regarded as good luck charms in Japan because of a coincidence of the language.  The word for owl is fukuro but when the same word is written with different characters, the meaning becomes something similar to "no troubles".

One of my good friends and I are signed up to take a Japanese language test this year and he's pretty stressed about it.  We both failed this level last year by about half a percentage point.  My friend has been studying a lot in preparation and I have been wanting to give him something that has a real ganbare spirit.  (Ganbare means to try your hardest.)

He also loves owls.

So I thought about it and sketched this out last night.  The drawing is charcoal pencil, colored with pastel chalks and brushed out a bit.  The kanji on the owl itself is read as fukuro, as is the string of three kanji on the left side.  The kanji the owl has drawn can be read as fuku and can mean "lucky".

I keep feeling like I did not quite hit the idea with this drawing but that the idea is solid, so I may have to try this particular idea a few more times to see if I can get it to gel a bit more.  I'm also considering switching to paints for this particular image.  I dunno.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

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