QotD: Greatest Video Game Console

What's the greatest video game console on the market? Do you own it or is it on your wish list?


It seems like every week I have a new reason to love my Nintendo DS.  No matter what you're into, be it strategy games, action, brain training, RPGs, or even yoga, there's some kind of game available for the DS.  The best games make solid use of the touchpad as a natural interface; it is much more responsive and natural than trying to remember long strings of button mashing sequences.  The battery life is good and it's highly portable.  Put a few DS units in a room together with the right software and you can compete directly with your friends or even connect to the internet.  In short, there is very little that this versatile, well designed machine can not be used for.

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One response to “QotD: Greatest Video Game Console

  1. Dan

    I've been thinking about getting one for a while. you may have just convinced me

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