World Con Day 2 Notes


Lots more people today.  A few cosplayers, but not too many, which is a bit surprising and a tad disappointing.  On the other hand, the maid cafe opened today and they're all in costume, which is cool.

Started the day by going to a reading by Cory Doctorow.  He read from his forthcoming children's novel "Little Brother" as well as a short story called "Other People's Money".  Both were fun, intelligent reads and it was a good session.

The readings are being held in a small room that seats, maybe, thirty people; it was about half full for both Cory and Naomi Novik, who I saw later in the day.  This makes for small, intimate readings that are really the joy of coming to cons like this in the first place.

After the reading, I went to watch an art demonstration by Michael Whelan, Bog Eggleton, and a Japanese artist whose name I can't remember and which I can't look up right now.  They set up three easels and began taking suggestions from the audience.  Mr. Whelan asked a girl from the audience to paint three lines and a kanji.  She wrote "悪" which means bad, or evil.  Then all three began painting around that idea on separate canvases.  Very cool to watch.  Taped a bit of it for later review of techniques to try.

Attended a panel about future crime, which was kind of so-so.

The reading by Naomi Novik was quite cool; she read from her new novel, "Empire of Ivory" which will be published later in September.

Then hanging out and talking to some people until it was time for the screening of "World Enough and Time", a Star Trek fan film that is far, far better than a lot of the professional stuff.  George Takei (Sulu) guest starred and did a fantastic job.  Highly recommend viewing the story.

Then parties.  Ate too much, drank just enough.  Talked to lots of interesting people.  Ate some more.  Missed the last subway car and had to walk about thirty minutes to my hotel.  Pretty good day.

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