World Con Day 1 Notes

The con, so far at least, is a bit smaller than I had thought it would be.

About 50/50 Japanese and foreign.

I'm in the younger demographic; not to mention healthier / skinnier.

Sat through a panel run by two Japanese editor / translators called "Children of Haruki Murakami" which was basically a few recommendations by these guys of newer, Japanese authors they like who have similar writing styles.  It was a bit long and tedious, but good info and lots of new names in my notebook of authors to check out.

One of the cooler exhibits in the exhibition hall is a life-size, working replica of Nausicaa's glider from the manga and anime.  They have several photos of the glider in flight, being towed like a kite.  I don't think anyone was actually crazy enough to get on it though.

Opening ceremonies were fun; some odd translations between the staff and speakers.  The translators were definitely better at English to Japanese, naturally enough.  There was a nice tribute to the main Japanese guest of honor.  Both David Brin and Michael Whelon introduced themselves and did the beginning parts of their speeches in Japanese, which I thought was very cool and showed a clear difference in the geek mindset from the standard pop stars and actors who wash through every once in a while.

Took a bit of video but it turns out I am a thousand times better at still photos than I am at video.  Still, will try to edit something together sooner or later.

Few things in the dealers' room I'm coveting – a metal miniture replica of Porco Rosso's plane and some odd rubber monsters to hang on the wall.  I think Mayumi will kill me, not sure I care as I have spending money burning a hole in my pocket.

Back at the hotel got the living daylights weirded out of me by a little boy who got hurt somehow outside the hotel. He kept screaming "somebody help me" and "it hurts" over and over.  By the time I got out on the balconey to have a look several people had already gathered and were taking care of him and calling the ambulance.  Still, scary.

Finally watched "Idiocracy".  Some great lines and good premise, but, overall, just kinda so-so.

Tomorrow, signings and coffee klatches.

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  1. But, it's got electrolytes. Electrolytes are what plants crave!

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