Vox Hunt: Life-Changing Albums



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3 responses to “Vox Hunt: Life-Changing Albums

  1. Righteous list, but, no They Might Be Giants or Iggy Pop? Just curious. I know it's a bitch stopping at 5.

  2. Yeah, well, uh, you know how some answers take longer to codify than the thought process took? This is one of those answers.I wanted full albums that I rarely, if ever, skipped tracks on, combined with ones that are still meaningful today in that they still have very strong emotions or memories attached to them.Those were the first five that came to mind. If the question had been for songs, well, Iggy would have been on there with China Girl and TMBG would have been for Road Movie to Berlin.Did you answer this QotD?

  3. Good eye Lord Smiley. I have not yet answered this question myself. Thing is, I can't narrow down my 5. The thing about having a radio show air weekly, is that we never had that problem. If something didn't get on this week, you could always use it for next week. For this reason I suffered from song selection paralysis for the last few shows I did. Thinking, you know, this is going to be one of the last times I do this, the last set. Should I put on new experimental stuff in keeping with the spirit of the show, or try to make it an encapsulation of the best moments of the show? Answer, float through it all numbly and not remember what, if anything, got aired. Could have been dead-air my last two shows and I wouldn't have noticed. Hell, it might have made more of a statement.

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