Vox Hunt: Slow Dance Soundtrack

Audio: What was the first song you ever slow-danced to with a girl or boy?
Submitted by Rev Stan.

Her name was Debbie and she was my friend and she smelled like soap and shampoo the way girls do and my hands were soaked with sweat and I was so afraid she would see how nervous I was and think I was just such a big dork.

She came over and she smiled and she told me where to put my hands and told me that she liked my shirt and she put her arms around me and I got flustered and blushed and she giggled and told me she really liked me.

We danced at every dance that entire school year and then she moved to a different city before the next and I had different friends and I didn't like going to the dances anymore and I can still see her waving at me across the room and I still think about dancing.

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