Stop the internet, I want to get out.

Tomorrow has been declared household "Take a Break from the Internet Day".

I love my computer and it's internet connection.  Together, they have become, over the past couple of years, my photo album, my diary, my telephone, my newspaper, my music shop, my consumer reports guide, my game center, my library, and, on one or two occasions, my shady best friend who slips me bootleg movies and cds.

And it's not just at home.  I also use my computer and it's little data connection at work to take notes, write reports, give presentations, and read comics when no one is looking.

But recently, well, I need a break.  My butt is actually sore from spending so much time in my chair gazing at the wonder we call the interwebtubepipes and I want a day off.

So, I have declared, with much pomp and many ceremonies, that tomorrow shall be a computerless day.

Alright, that's not quite true.  I am allowing the use of electronics such as the iPod and the Wii as both of these function without the need for me to sit in the chair.  Further, the use of either the digital camera or video camera is also allowed as they, also, seem to be much easier to use from a standing position and the acquisition of good content actually requires movement.  

Now, I should say I have no plans to use any of those things.  What I plan to do is go shopping with the wife, work on the next painting, and possibly spend the evening reading one of the roughly nine-thousand, six-hundred and three point six books I have on the nightstand.

In the event, however, that it does not rain and we are not too tired from shopping until she drops (only takes about twenty minutes for me, but for her…hours) I might be able to talk my wife into a few rounds of Wii Tennis, or heading out to the park with the camera.  Basically, anything's ok.  Anything except sitting in my chair gazing into the brightly lit abyss of the interwebles.

In the meantime, if you have decided not to take a break from the tubes, may I point you to a new post on my paintblog?  Or one of my new Flickr collections:  Plants or the Commute?

(The painting is one I did last weekend and is just a quick, shabby little use of leftover paints, while the new Flickr collections merely reflect my latest obsessions, on positive, one negative.)

And if nothing else, I'll see you on Monday.

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