Rock Face

Sat. afternoon ended up being wet and cold and rainy so my friends and I went to the music store.  The store had one of those electronic practice drum kits set up for anyone to try out, so I did.  Totally hawesome.  The kit had a selector that would let you change the sound of the pads from a standard kit to African tribal drums, or steel drums, or whatever you wanted.  Lots of fun, and only $800.

Oh, and for the record, I can't play.  At all.  Not a single damned note.  Seriously good fun though.

Today I went to lunch with my wife and mother-in-law.  I drove.  When driving, I ususally set the iPod to random and just let it go through whatever I have stuck on the hard drive.  Today was no exception.  I kept the volume low so as not to disturb MiL as she chatted with my wife. 

Sometime during the drive, MiL commented "This guitarist is really good.  He's better than the guy before."  So.  My seventy-two year old, Japanese, mother-in-law, who can't tell Paul McCartney from Mick Jagger prefers John Frusciante to Jack White.

Well.  Rock on.

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