My Life in Action Figures

Back in the day, Groove Neuter and I used to joke about the action figures that could be made if our lives were ever to be dramatized.  Here is my list, updated and improved:

  • My Punk Lesbian Lawyer, with Hot Legal Action Brief
  • Benny
  • My Psycho Ex-girlfriend, with Kung-fu Grip.
  • My Wife, aka The Boss
  • My Lackey
  • My Students (Set of 12)
  • The Agent in Charge of the Situation
  • The Adversary (2 pack with The Nemesis)
  • The Aged Mentor with Belly-Laugh Action
  • The Sexy Secretary with Belly-Dance Action
  • The Coffee Girl
  • The Coffee Klatch (Set of 4 Figures)
  • My Minions (Set of 12)

Change the names, but the descriptions match your lives too, don't they?

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