Vox Hunt: Adaptation Nomination

Book: What book would you like to see made into a movie? 
Submitted by Felipe Anuel.

Glen Cook's Garrett Files are a fantastic series, in the original sense.  The stories feature mysteries being solved by a hard-boiled detective named Garrett in the human city of Tun-Faire.

Aiding Garrett in his efforts are a whole cast of oddball characters, including Morely, a half dark-elf vegetarian gangster, Playmate, a nine foot tall stable owner, Tinnie Tate, professional red head, and the Dead Man.

There are currently nine or ten books in the series and Glen Cook has said that he will be adding to the series in the next few years.

I would love to see this series made into a series of movies, or more likely, a t.v. show, a la the Dresden Files (a very similar series, thematically, although Garrett and Dresden are fairly different) on the Sci-Fi channel.

The trouble though, would be the expense involved in creating the details of a fantasy city, populated by dozens of different races of differing shapes and sizes. 

On the other hand, the episodic nature of the books would, I think, lend itself to t.v. quite easily, and would be very entertaining to watch.

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