Vox Hunt: Show and Tell

Show us a picture of where you'd like to live and tell us why you want to live there. 
Submitted by Warhead.  

My wife and I went to Okinawa for a few days last year and really enjoyed driving around and hanging out at the beaches; we were just bumming around, really.

The whole atmosphere of the place was different from Honshu, where we live.  People seemed more relaxed and the pace of everything just seemed a bit slower.

Not to mention the beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, fantastic beaches, and fresh tropical fruit for breakfast.

The next time we go, we want to head out to the smaller, outlying islands where the old culture is meant to be more vibrant and recognizable than it is on the main island;  we hope to be able to meet more people and get away from the city more easily.

I  kind of fell in like with Ryukyuan culture; Okinawa before it was Okinawa.  I like the idea of a culture existing halfway between China and Japan and borrowing ideas from both but retaining its own unique ways and ideas.  I like how things brought from China or Japan became Okinawan, without apology or insult.

I think I would like to live there, someday.  Even if only for a few months.  But I will spend more time there, someday, that is certain.

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